Art studio Dembowski

Art studio Grigory Dembowski is located in Moscow, Russia. … The studio offers oil paintings on canvas, pastels and drawings, as well as mosaics and interior paintings by artists Irina Orlova-Dembovskaya and Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Professor, Doctor of Art Grigory Dembovskiy.
This site presents paintings that are in Moscow.
Delivery to the USA, England and European countries is carried out by Fed Ex or other postal service at the request of the customer. Paintings on canvas and paper from Russia are delivered mainly only in a roll, protected by a durable pencil case, safe for paintings and paper sheets (the cost of delivery is paid by the customer additionally).
All works in the studio in a single copy.
But, you can order any work you like GICLEE.
Giclee is the printing of an image on canvas with subsequent revision by the author, thereby preserving the texture of the image and the author’s signature on the reverse side. Giclee is very common in the United States, where printing on a printer is often sold as a standalone work. In our case, Giclee is a worthy copy of the work with the participation of the author, but at a price much lower than the original.
Gregory and Irina have always held independent views on art and have never been part of a group.
Painting is not a work, not a product, but the result of the life and work of a person who is able to professionally express on canvas with the help of paints and brushes his feelings, premonitions and sensations in a constantly changing world.
These are exclusively creative works, created without obligation and bringing joy to creativity, both by the authors themselves and the owners of the paintings. Art may be like life itself, but it is not the same. A painting is a new reality that exists after its creation, independently of the author.
The artist has every right to work the way he feels today. Painting, like life, happens and is created today. You cannot see what you saw 30 years ago.
The main thing is the recognizable hand of the author, which Gregory and Irina have.
Creativity and themes change, but the recognizable hand of the authors always remains. And this is the main thing in art.
If an artist constantly looks at his neighbors and strives for success at any cost, doing not what he feels, but what is expected of him, then today it can be sold, and tomorrow it can turn into trash. A huge surrogate wave is going on in art now, which distorts not the paintings, but the very principle of art, replacing it with meaningless crafts and fakes.
The most powerful and powerful period in the work of these authors is the end of the eighties. These works should be in museums, and some of them are already in museums.
An important stage in the work of Gregory was the personal exhibition at the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, no less important is the personal exhibition in 2015 at the Hailshof Museum in Worms, Germany.
The pictures warn the viewer – you can’t live thoughtlessly, the world is not as safe as you think today. The world, the universe can respond and react in a way that you don’t like it.
And today all of this began to happen.
Today it’s too late to warn someone about something.
Today every life is in danger, and it is time to finally understand that life is beautiful.
The series of works by Gregory “Simple Things”, created in 2020, is an image of flowers and objects that are at home, but these simple things show that even the smallest in life can be beautiful and, at the same time, pulsating anxiety and tension of today
A significant part of the work of Grigory and Irina is made up of paintings and pastels, in which, we hope, at least a small part of the beautiful world and great faith in the future are preserved.

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