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Talk about art.

What is art?
The art of depicting, or visual art, arose in the most ancient times of the formation of man and human society. The image was created and arose in parallel with the speech. And it cannot be said that it was second, after the speech, or less important.
It was always portrayed that could not be fully expressed in words.
And later, in all centuries of human development, it was so, speech, science, literature on the one hand, and the image, image, picture on the other. They never replaced and will not replace each other.
It has always been so, and now it is. Art is when you cannot say in words exactly what it says, but it speaks and touches the souls of people. Image, art does not die like people and gives people a chance and faith in immortality.
You can remove art from life, but it’s the same as depriving humanity of one leg. It is not known how much it still hobbles, on one.
I think that not for long, art is the most important component of the meaning of human life. And life without meaning is transformation into animals. “Back to the monkey”
I do not fully believe Darwin’s theory, but I think that the journey back to the monkey will take very little time.

Why are paintings on this site an art?

The paintings of authors Prof. Doctors of art Gregory Dembowski and Irina Orlova-Dembowska is an independent independent art.
The paintings are created and independently speak with the viewer about what cannot be precisely expressed in words. (Of course – you can tell, but it will be many stories, as the picture makes you feel and think)
Why are both authors interesting and artists?
It happens. With the similarity and dissimilarity of their works, each has its own recognizable hand and its own content independent of anyone.

And why do paintings cost so much?

Real works of art are priceless, that is, valuable to people without indicating price limits. But, a picture, art in real life can be appreciated, so how much money the buyer is willing to give for it.
There are not so many pictures of these authors, and there are even fewer paintings. There is much more money than these paintings, and just a small flash is enough for prices to rise in destiny and more times.

Why are these paintings worth buying?

If you can see art and you are able to feel it, and you have money, then buy, you will not lose. There are many paintings that can decorate any museum.
Investing in the real art is the surest way to save and increase your money.